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We only have 1 ball.....................

I am Kingsley Ehizibue and professional footballer in the Netherlands. I have Nigerian roots. In December 2018 I became an Ambassador of this foundation.

Listening to their stories makes me quiet. Thousands of children have witnessed the gruesome murder(s) of one or more family members and/or fellow villagers. Many children are in refugee camps, in children's homes or wandering the streets. I've decided to become an ambassador for this foundation, which does a great job. They train counsellors and do programs with these traumatized children. An important part of the trauma programmes for the children is sports and games. The Kids in crisis Foundation is active in various children's homes. Sports and games and music, are an important part of the children's trauma program. Regularly we visit homes where 1 or no ball is available. We can't imagine this in the Netherlands, can we? Together with the employees of the KicF I want to do something about this. But, I can't do it alone. We would like to purchase a lot of sports and game material and make it available to the children's homes. I made a donation of my own for this purpose. I'll say "thank you" if you follow my lead!

Your donation, in any case, delivers happy faces!

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