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Sad news: outbursts of violence against villagers in Nigeria

No house, no food, no clothes...

Jennifer has been living at the Binta orphanage in Jebbu Miango, Plateau State, Nigeria for several years.
Her parents were murdered before her eyes. In the home, she is safe, goes to school and is well cared for. Jennifer was also registered to participate in a trauma programme run by the Kids in Crisis Foundation.
It is the end of July '21, for the 2nd time in four months that Jennifer is confronted with gunshots and she is rushed to another location, where she will be temporarily taken care of. Today she has been told that her children's home in Jebbu has been burnt down. Gunshots ring out day and night, she cannot sleep and relives her parents' murder over and over again. No home, no food and no clothes....

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Well known are the attacks and kidnappings in northern Nigeria by the Boko Haram. Less well known is the deliberate disruption of society in rural villages by the Fulani (tribe of mainly Muslim herdsmen).

Violence regularly takes place against villagers. In late July 2021, there was another outbreak of violence. Initially directed at Christians, later also at other villagers. Hundreds of Fulani are currently coordinating the terror technique of "the scorched earth." Homes and harvest-ready crops of villagers are being deliberately destroyed.
In the village of Jebbu Miango and its surroundings, 70 people were killed, more than 275 houses burned, the church and also the children's home. Exactly the same thing happened in 21 other villages around this village. Tens of thousands of people fled and displaced. Until now, the violence is still going on.
The people have begged for military protection, but so far have not seen any response from the Nigerian government.

The Kids in crisis Foundation, a Dutch foundation with an NGO in Nigeria of the same name, has been providing trauma programs to children and trauma training for teachers, in this area, since 2016. In April 2021, we trained all teachers and caregivers at Binta Orphanage in Jebbu Miango on how to deal with traumatized children. We had planned to start trauma programs for the children together in September 2021.
The children's home is no longer there, the school was also burnt down and their arable land on which they grow beans, maize and potatoes has been destroyed. The 180 severely traumatised children have been temporarily accommodated in other children's homes in the area. These homes were already full. This means that this temporary solution cannot last long.

From left to right: Lami Gidado - coordinator KicF trauma trainings/trauma trainer, Joshua & Mary Dickson - leaders Binta Orphanage, Claudy Regterschot - founder and trauma trainer Kids in crisis Foundation. Photo taken April 2021.

These people need our (emergency) help! The Kids in Crisis Foundation wants to help practically by providing food and clothing.
But just as importantly, we want to continue implementing trauma programs for the children right now, even at their one temporary residence.

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