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The situation in Nigeria

Children flee with their families or alone for war and violence, also in Nigeria. Causes they cannot do anything about, but for which they pay the highest price. Learning, playing, growing up healthy in a safe environment: that does not happen when children are on the run. We offer help in the region around Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Nigeria is a country that has had problems for years, among other things because of the attacks of the Boko Haram and also the Muslim Fulani shepherds. Bloody bombings and serious human rights violations are the order of the day. Schools and churches are under attack, children are being kidnapped. Just think of the hundreds of girls who have been taken away by the Boko Haram. A part of the group has been released, but at this moment thousands of people are still being held.
Psychosocial emergency aid is crucial in crisis situations. Children have experienced so much. Some have seen that their dad or mum, sometimes even both, were murdered in front of their eyes. Unfortunately, far too few children are being helped to process their trauma. There is a capacity problem. There are currently not enough trained employees and resources to help all children. The future of this generation is threatened, if we do not act now.


What do the Kids in crisis Foundation do?

Our foundation focuses on traumatized children in Nigeria. They are the victims of violence and poverty, which they have not asked for. Heavy, traumatic experiences stand in the way of their development. They're scared, have nightmares, become aggressive or withdrawn. Processing the traumatic experiences takes time. We want to give that to the children too. The children come together in a safe place in a group for a longer period of time.
They're going to play, talk, draw, play sports etc. together. The children also receive individual attention through play therapy.

What else do we do? We train trauma counselors, social workers, teachers and child workers, etc. to provide trauma assistance to children. The trauma program for the children is provided by
developed the Kids in Crisis Foundation. This includes training for trauma counselors. 

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