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Just a short introduction.....

The Kids in Crisis Foundation was founded by Claudy Regterschot on July 1, 2014. She started in 2013 by learning about the culture in Nigeria and developing a network. After starting trauma trainings in schools and children's homes, Kids incrisis Foundation was established in Nigeria. Our organization is passionately committed to ensuring that traumatized children are seen, heard, understood and valued by people they can trust. Click here for more information about the Kids in crisis Foundation.

Our vision: Recovery for traumatized children, living in a safe community

Our mission: To reach traumatized children through mental health and psycho-social programs. We provide training while helping to implement trauma-sensitive approaches in communities (schools, children's homes, etc.) around children.

Claudy Regterschot has been visiting Nigeria several times a year since 2013. Since 2018, she has started providing trauma training to social workers and teachers. There is little solid knowledge and experience in the field of trauma counseling for children in this country. From our network in Nigeria, we receive daily requests for trainings and setting up trauma counseling in children's homes. Furthermore, there is great demand for training for teachers in the area of communication and counseling of traumatized children at school.


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